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Here is what our customers are saying about SIKA Clogs...


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"Recently I purchased a pair of your open back Flex clogs and have been extraordinarily pleased with the comfort and support they provide, especially important as I work 12 hour shifts at our local hospital.
Online Customer, Nobel, ON
8105 - Open Back Flex Clog

"Thanks Shelley!  You guys are great.  I always recommend Sika to the other cooks at work.  Have a great day!

Online Customer, Closed Back Flex Clog - Model 8005
Sault Ste Marie, ON

"Have recently received all my orders and am very satisfied.  Thank you for all your follow up support re mail service delays.  I think highly of Sika clogs, as I have had over 10 years experience with them, and will continue to endorse them.
OnlineCustomer, Model 125 - Birchwood Closed Back Comfort Clog
Squamish, BC


Thank you thank you thank you....I'm thrilled. my third pair ....thank you


Online Customer, Closed Back Flex Steel Toe, Model 885
Bisbee, AZ

" I received my shoes today and I am very happy with them.  "
Mary Ann
Online Customer, Model 895 (Open Comfort Steel Toe)
New Berlin, WI


Shannon and Shelley are an example of customer service beyond reproach.
Outstanding.  Thank you very much.

Online Customer
North York, ON


First off I just wanted to say that my super clogs are awesome and I work as a Chef in a kitchen and you saved my feet/back and sanity! I've been in the super clogs for 1.5+ yrs and the treads have not worn at all! Thanks again for the amazing shoes I influence many to purchase the super clog!

Chef, Online Customer
Charleston, SC


Twice a year without fail...I recommend you guys to all the cooks in the hotel. 

 Best shoe's out there!

Chef Ken
SIKA Wooden Clogs, Open Back, Style 149, Sawridge Inn and Conference Centre
Fort McMurray, AB

I received the clogs a while ago and have worn them since then.  They are absolutely perfect...and I was raised on clogs so to speak.  My wife loves hers too.  Might order a steel toe pair this summer when I go back to fire operations.
Thanks again,
Online Customer, Model 8005, Model 149, Model 125
Fort Liard, NT

" Dear Shannon ...happy feet are here again..so great to get my shoes..I love them.. namaste Brenda "
Online Customer, Model 8005 - Flex Closed Back
Nanaimo, BC

" This is my 3rd pair of the Superclogs so I know they will fit perfectly!  Average lifespan has been about 3 years (which easily crushes the competition).

101 Superclog
Winnipeg, MB


I just recieved your email and I'm looking forward to trying out your shoes as I work as a department manager for walmart and on my feet a good part of 8 hours.I have a co-worker who just recieved her shoes and is very pleased with them.

8005 Sika Flex Closed Back Clog
Walmart Canada


I just wanted to say thank you for the phone call about my shoes being shipped.  My husband and I were pleasantly surprised that someone would take the time to make a call.  Something so simple as a phone call can make the difference in between okay service and great service.


Thank You, Thank You, Thank You


Closed Flex Model 8005
Fort MacMurray, AB

" Got them yesterday - you were right about the size - I really like them, thanks!"
SIKA Wooden Clogs, Closed Back, Style 125
Lunenburg, NS


I Love the Shoes!  They fit perfectly!

Thank You and All the best!

Mary Frances
Model 1129 - Closed Back Birchwood with Steel Toe
Los Angeles, CA


Your customer service is amazing and I look forward to getting the new pair.  I have completely worn out 2 pairs of Sika Footwear and they have been demoted to gardening and painting shoes.  I look forward to wearing out a 3rd pair.

Model 125 Closed Birchwood Clog
Campbell River, BC

" I'm so in need of a new pair of SIKA! I bought my old pair 4 years ago when i was a culinary student and its not time for a new pair, i love your shoes! "
Chef, Edmonton, AB
8005 Flex Model with Closed Back


I received the shoes first thing this morning!   The postmaster called and said I had an express package waiting for me.   I signed for them and have them in my hands.   Thank you so much for your dedicated assistance during this process.   You are by far the best company I have worked with.   I will not hesitate in recommending this company to all my friends and family that are in need of great shoes.


Have a great Holiday and Happy New Year!


Model 885 Closed Flex Steel Toe
Kelley, IA

"I received my shoes they are a perfect fit. These are my 9th pair over the last 7 years and ALL are in useable shape and some are used for work and some leisure."
Model 149 Open Birchwood

I am an Executive Chef - going on my fourth pair of Sika clogs (two of the wooden soles and 1 of the Super Clogs). I really love the product and get tons of questions out here in Carmel, Ca whenever I walk between our restaurants.
Model 1129- Birchwood closed back clog with steel toe.
Model 101- Super clog with steel toe.
Chef John
Carmel, CA

"Thanks! I just received my Sika clogs today and the size 43 is perfect. I love them, they fit perfectly. Thanks again for your excellent customer service! I will pass the word around."
Burlington, ON

"Many thanks for your prompt service."
Sidney, BC

"Thank you so much! I am thrilled, my new Sika clogs came yesterday. I love them, they are very comfortable."
Burlington, ON

"Thank you for your prompt, courtesy service. Excellent ,thank you. These 4 pairs are my 12th pairs of Sika shoes."
Toronto, ON

"I thank you so much. You have been great with me and I really do appriciate it. My left foot also thanks you."
Michelle Stratford
Goldfield, NV

"Thanks a lot, you guys have been great to deal with. I'll be sure to return again and send everyone I know your way!!"
Peter Ellsworth
Ontario, Canada

"I have been wearing Sika clogs for over five years now and I can tell you that they are the best kitchen footwear available. Over the past eighteen years of working in kitchens across Canada I have worn everything from Birkenstocks to Cats and Doc Martins. The only footwear that covers every requirement for our job is Sika. They are the most comfortable on hard floors, great for back support, and despite what others claim the only sole that is both non-slip but also oil and grease resistant. I wear my clogs for about two years before I need to get new ones and it's only because I feel the need to freshen them up that it is required. Every single cook that works in my brigades over the years switches to Sika when it's time for a new pair of shoes."
New Brunswick

"We greatly appreciate your customer service, and we just had a huge discussion at lunch today and I believe I have sold most of my staff on your product! So you should see some orders coming in."
Kim Ebert
100 Mile Ranch, BC

"Terrific. Thanks for your great customer service. I will look forward to receiving my clogs. They are the best!"
Newmarket, ON

"Thanks you!
I'm looking forward receiving my 6th pair in the last 12 years! :)"
Model 8005
Vancouver, BC

"My shoes just arrived by courier. They fit fine and feel great! Thank-you."
Chef Roy
Vancouver, BC

"Thanks again for all the help in finding me the Sika 8195. They arrived today and I will be wearing them Saturday! I have a difficult time fitting shoes, and after 20 years, these shoes are by far "The Best"."
Online Customer, Model 8195
Victoria, BC

"I received my shoes and I love them."
Model 125 - Closed Birchwood Clog
Fort McMurray, AB

"These are a great pair of clogs.  I'm tickled pink."
Chef, Model 149 - Birchwood Open Heel Clog

"It's nice to see in this day & age a company that is serious about customer satisfaction. I will highly recommend Sika footwear to all my cooks, sous Chefs & apprentices. It's people like you that make a good company great."
Executive Chef, Model 149 - Open Birchwood Clog
Abbotsford, BC

"Thanks for the verification.  Everything looks good.  This is my second pair of Sika's so I am pretty confident with my order.  I did order one size smaller than my current pair, as I have lost a considerable amount of weight since I received these and have gone down a shoe size (it is the main reason for my ordering a new pair, after 4 years they are still in great shape, just a little too big!)"
Bob, Corporate Chef/Sysco Brands Specialist
Online Customer, Model 885 - Flex Closed Back Steel Toe
Toronto, ON

"I bought my first pair of Sika's here in Lethbridge at the hospital. That was 10 years ago. They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn & they saved me from heal surgery. Thank you."
Online Customer, Model 125 - Closed Birchwood Comfort Clog
Lethbridge, AB

"Thanks for the prompt shipment. The clogs are just what I was hoping for. Exceptional value! Great quality! It's been a pleasure shopping with you.
Thanks so much!
Online Customer, Model 149 - Open Birchwood Comfort Clog
London, ON

"I have been wearing Sika's for the past 11 years and absolutely love them. I even wear them with my suits."
Online Customer, Birchwood Closed Back Model 125
Calgary, AB

"Summer is winding down but my love affair with Sika footwear continues. After retiring my faithful #149 birch wood of 4 years, I replaced them with the new super clog #101. Let me tell you after 35 years as a chef I have NEVER had a 12 to 15 hour day so refreshed on my feet. I have been wearing them for 3 weeks now and I cannot slip no matter how wet or greasy the floor is. I also purchased your models 8005 and 8105 last week, both models are so LIGHT and comfortable I don't know there on. I highly recommend to anyone who is sceptical. These clogs are amazing."
Chef Nigel
Online Customer, Super Clog 101
Toronto, ON

"I have been wearing these shoes for 7 years.  This is my 4th pair and I really like them.  They are the best shoes I have ever worn."
Chef Andrew
Online Customer, Model 125 - Birchwood Closed Clog
Ottawa, ON

"Thanks a lot.... pleasure doing business with you guys!"
Online Customer, Super Clog Model 101
Mississauga, ON

"Hi. This is my 4th pair of SIKA's. I wear these in the kitchen, and I beat them up pretty good. I really love these shoes."
Online Customer , Closed Flex Clog - Model 8005
Toronto, ON

"I've had them for 4 years now, and its time to get another pair. They're great!"
Chef David
Online Customer, Flex Steel Toe - Model 885
Port Carling, Ontario

"My boss just raves about these shoes. I want to be comfortable too."
Online Customer, Birchwood Model 125
Hemett, CA

"I have had a pair of your steel toe clogs now for four years and they are the best steel toes that I have ever had. I recommend them to everyone that I work with."
Model 885 - Closed Flex Steel Toe Clogs
Surrey, BC

"I just recieved my white closed heel shoe and am thrilled, thank you for your extra effort to get me the right size. This shoe fits exactly like my black ones. I can't thank you enough for your time and patience.
Online Customer, Model 125 - Closed Birchwood Comfort Clog
Killam, BC

" Hi, I received my shoes today, wow, that was fast!"
Online Customer, Model 125 Birchwood Closed Comfort Clog
Sault Ste Marie, ON

" I have ordered from you before, (about 3 yrs. ago) the same duty shoe. I am very happy with the comfort and durability of this shoe. "
Online Customer, Model 125 Birchwood
Sault St Marie, ON

" I really like them.  Mine lasted two years.  That's great!  Thanks."
Online Customer, Open Flex Model 8105
Huntsville, Ontario

" I just love those shoes. This will be my third pair."
Online Customer, Model 8005 - Closed Flex
Guelph, Ontario

" I am writing to say thank you for the wonderful customer service that you have provided. It has more than exceeded my expectations. I love my new shoes. Other companies could really learn alot from you. Again, thanks Kim "
Online Customer, Model 8005 - Flex Closed Heel
Huntsville, Ontario

" These are the best clogs. They are the fifth or sixth pair that I have had. They are the best shoes I have ever worn."
Stefan, Chef
Online Customer, Birchwood Closed, Model 125
Moncton, NB

" This is the second pair of Sika shoes I have bought, people at work noticed the shoes and asked to try them on and now at least three other people have bought a pair and loved them. Thank You "
Online Customer, Closed Back Flex Model 8005

" I had a pair of these and I loved them!! I am on my feet all day and these were great shoes. "
Online Customer, Closed Back Flex Model 8005

" Received the shoes today, and they exceed my expectations...have had several pairs of clogs - these are wonderful. Thank you...will test them out at work in the culinary kitchens soon!"
Online Customer, Open Flex, Model 8105
Foxboro, MA

" These are the most comfortable things I have ever worn. I wear them all the time, year round. I love these shoes and this is my fourth pair. I have struggled with shoes for years, and I just love these.""
Jim, Nurse
Online Customer, Birchwood Open and Closed Models 149 and 125
Norfolk, VA

" I've worn them 70 hours a week for five years. They look like they are brand new on the bottom still. I wear them in the kitchen."
Gregg, Executive Chef
Online Customer, Birchwood Open Back Clog - Model 149
Lombard, IL

" Hi there. First off, I just wanted to say that I'm a HUGE fan of your steel toe chef clogs. HUGE fan. I've had my pair for 3 years now. They are starting to wear down, and I'd like to purchase another pair."
Online Customer, Model 885 - Closed Steel Toe Flex Clog
Pembroke, ON

" I have tried traditional shoes, but I keep coming back to these clogs. I had mine for 4 years and it's time for a new pair."
Chef Geoff
Online Customer, Model 54 - Steel Toe Birchwood Open Clog
Halifax, NS

" I have been nursing since the 80's. never in all these years have I found a better shoe."
Online Customer, Model 8005 Closed Flex Clog
Halifax, NS

" I already have a pair of these. I've had them for 5 years. And, I love them. They are wonderful shoes. "
Sylvia, R.N.
Closed Back Flex Model 8005
Royston, BC

" I just received a pair of the Sika "Super Clogs" and love them. I was also impressed with the level of service you provide. "
Matt, Chef
Online Customer, model Super Clogs
Winnipeg, MB

"I love em!"
Online Customer, Model 885 Flex Steel Toe
Kananaskis, AB

" A lot of our staff are wearing them and they recommended them to me. In our kitchen there must be 6 or 8 of them that wear them and they think they are wonderful."
Telephone Customer, Model 8005 Closed Flex
Saskatoon, SK

" These Sika shoes have been recommended by a lot of workers at our hotel. They say they are very comfortable to work in the kitchen."
Romeo, Sushi Chef
Online Customer, Model 8105 Open Flex
Toronto, ON

" Thanks everyone. I received by shoes yesterday and I look forward to having happy feet again. "
Online Customer, Model 149 - Open Birchwood Comfort Clog
Victoria, BC

" Dear Culinarian's, I'm writing a letter of endorsement on Sika Chef Clog footwear. I have been a loyal supported of these clogs for four years. I was introduced to these clogs by my colleague Chef Norm Myshok. I utilize the Flex Calf leather insole clog. I find they give me the support and the flexibility with my demanding work schedule. I travel across Canada and the Us. When traveling my clogs double up as a work shoe and a dress shoe. I recommended this clog for your day to day work or even around the house. They work great for doing those Honeys to list. Cordially, "
Tim Belanger
President of the Toronto Escoffier Society, Chef / Culinary Trainer North Division
Toronto, ON

Online Customer, Closed Flex Model 8005
Edmonton, AB

" I just received my super clogs in the mail and I am happy. The size is perfect and they look great. Thank you very much for your help. "
Jeremy, Executive Chef Niko's
Online Customer, Super Clog Model 101
Tillsonburg, Ontario

" This is my fourth pair. I am an executive chef and it's a really good shoe. They are the most comfortable shoe I've ever worn and that is why I keep ordering them!"
Stefan, Executive Chef
Online Customer, Closed Back Birchwood Model 125
Moncton, NB

" I've been wearing these for 10 years and I'd like to get another pair. I'd like to try the steel toe!"
Costco Bakery Manager, Closed Birchwood Steel Toe, Model 1129
Ottawa, ON

" It's a good shoe. I've had mine for 3 years, so it's time to get another pair! They are worth it!"
Online Customer, Closed Back Flex Model 8005
Rainer, OR

" I had been at my friend Patrick to try these clogs for years so when I got the new ones I told him to try them out. He liked them enough to keep them so another chef is hooked! Thanks for the response. I can look forward to getting my new clogs next week. "
Online Customer, Closed Back Steel Toe, Model 885
Charlottetown, PE

" The clogs did arrive and i love them. Actually, I think you'll be getting some more business from our kitchen. Everyone has been listening to me rave about the comfort and they have asked about the web address. Much thanks. "
Online Customer, Flex Steel Toe Model 885
Vero Beach, FL

" Received clogs ..look and feel great. Thank you."
Online Customer, Flex Steel Toe Model 895
Kempville, ON

" My Sika shoes have arrived and I have happy feet again! Thanks for your help with my order."
Online Customer, Closed Flex Model 8005
Victoria, BC

" Thanks! The clogs arrived today. My husband loves them (his birthday gift) and they fit perfectly! Thanks again."
Online Customer, Birchwood Steel Toe Model 1129
Chilliwack, BC

" Thank you. I have received the size and they fit great."
Online Customer, Closed Flex Model 8005
Winnipeg, MB

" My new shoes are perfect... Thank you. Thank you for the great service...especially over the internet. I highly recommend you."
Online Customer, Open Back Flex Steel Toe, Model 895
Sault Ste Marie, ON

" I just received my birchwood closed backs yesterday and I've already placed an order for a second pair to wear outside of work. They are so comfortable! I'm excited to try them out at work where I am on my feet all day in a surgical area. Thanks for the great product!"
Online Customer, Birchwood Comfort Clogs, Model 125
Belle River, ON

" I have just received the clogs and so far so good. They also look as good as they feel, GRRREAT!!!!! Thanks for all your help."
Online Customer, Flex Comfort Clog w/Steel Toe - Model 895
Brockville, ON

" Thank you very much for outstanding customer service. I will definitely recommend you to others, and I will certainly purchase again when my new clogs wear out."
Online Customer, Birchwood Comfort Clog w/Steel Toe, Model 54
New York, NY

" I received them fine and they fit great. Great rugged comfortable product! Just what I was looking for to wear in my machine shop. Thanks for getting them here fast."
Online Customer, SIKA Footwear Model 895 Steel Toe
Bothell, WA

" I am delighted to tell you the shoes were a perfect fit. Not only was I surprised to find them when I got home from work today, but very impressed with the look and feel with the shoe. They will be very beneficial to me because I stand for lengthy periods of time, being a chef and supervisor. I have been searching for a long time for shoes like these and cant wait to give them a test at work. I think I will be needing to purchase another pair (for home use), but without the steel toe. Thank you so much for the fast and efficient service."
Online Customer, SIKA Footwear Model 1129 Steel Toe
Hamilton, Ontario

" I have to say- these shoes are REALLY comfortable- I have them on right now!! Thanks again."
Jolene, Test Kitchen
Online Customer, Model 8105
Vaughan, Ontario

" I wanted to let you know that I received my shoes today! I absolutely love them. Thank you."
Online Customer, Model #8105
Liberty Hill, Texas

" Just wanted to say thank you for getting me the clogs on Wednesday of last week. I really appreciate your effort & I love the shoes. I'll have them for a long, long time!"
Online Customer, Model 895B
Saint Petersburg, FL

" Thank you Ecolad for the Sika clogs I have purchased from you. I am with a Food Broker Company and purchased these clogs to wear for work. I will also wear these for pleasure now. The quality is exceptional and one of the most comfortable shoes I have purchased. Thank you for the best service online that I have ever had!!! I will recommend these clogs to anyone, like someone recommended me to them at a food show. Thanks again."
Rosella, Food Broker Company
Online Customer, Closed Back Flex Model 8005
Yorktown, VA

" I purchased a pair of your professional shoes. Love them. Would like to have a catalog of other shoe styles available."
Online Customer, Sika Clogs
Atlanta, GA

" The extra support afforded by the comfort model is truly exceptional. I will certainly recommend a pair of these clogs to anyone who is looking for comfortable footwear."
Online Customer, Sika Clogs
Houston, TX

" I just ordered my third pair of Sika clogs. I love the quality, fit and finish of your birchwood closed back. I find the wood sole is exceptionally comfortable and prevents sweating feet(this leads to nasty fungus)."
Scott, Executive Chef
Online Customer, Model 125
Vancouver B.C.

" I need another pair of SIKA. I just can't work without them. I really need them. I am hooked on them. They really help my hips."
Online Customer, Flex Model 8105
Huntsville, ON

" Received my shoes-thanks so much for your help! "
Online Customer, Birchwood Steel Toe Model 54
Trenton, NS

" My clogs arrived today and they fit perfectly, thanks for taking the time to tell me about the size difference."
Online Customer, Open Birchwood Model 149
Revelstoke, BC

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