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What's New at SIKA Footwear?

How Fit Are Your Feet?

July 15th, 2006:

Many people don't give their feet or footwear a second thought until they begin to hurt. Yet, rigors of daily life, exercise and on-the-job demands can aggravate or contribute to foot and ankle problems. Find out how fit your feet are now and what you can do to keep them fit.

1. How much time do you spend on your feet each day?

a) Less than 2 hours
b) 2 - 4 hours
c) 5 - 7 hours
d) Over 7 hours

2. How old are you?

a) Under 40
b) Between 40 and 59

c) 60 or Over

3. How would you describe your weight?

a) Less than 20 pounds overweight or at an ideal weight
b) 20 - 39 pounds overweight
c) 40 or more pounds overweight

4. Have problems with your feet or ankles ever prevented you from participating in:

a) Leisure/sports activities


b) Work activities


5. Have you ever received medical treatment for any type of foot problem?

a) Yes
b) No

6. Do you wear heels two inches or higher?

a) Yes
b) No
7. What types of exercise do you engage in? (check all that apply).

a) Walking
b) Field Sports (ie, softball, golf)
c) Winter Sports (ie, skiing, skating)
d) Court Sports (ie. tennis, basketball)
e) Aerobics
f) Running/Jogging
g) None (if you choose answer G, skip to question 11)

8. Do you wear the appropriate shoes for your sport or sports?

a) Yes
b) No

9. Do you experience foot or ankle pain when walking or exercising?

a) Rarely
b) Sometimes
c) Often
d) Never

10. Do you:

a) Exercise in footwear that is more than year old, or in hand-me-down condition?


b) Stretch properly before and after exercising?


11. Do you:

a) Have diabetes?


b) Experience numbness and/or burning in your feet?


c) Have a family history of diabetes?

12. Do you: (check all that apply)

a) Sprain your ankles frequently (at least once a year)?


b) Have flat feet or high arches?


c) Experience pain in the Achilles tendon or heel, or have shin splints (pain in front lower leg)?


d) Have corns, calluses, bunions or hammer toes (bent toes)?


e) Have arthritis or joint pain in your feet?


f) Have poor circulation or cramping in your legs?


Total Up Your Score

Total the corresponding points for each answer given.

1 (a) 0 points 2 (a) 0 points 3 (a) 0 points
1 (b) 1 point 2 (b) 1 point 3 (b) 2 points
1 (c) 2 points 2 (c) 2 points 3 (c) 3 points
1 (d) 3 points

4 (a) Yes 2 points 5 (a) 3 points 6 (a) 3 points
No 0 points 5 (b) 0 points 6 (b) 0 points
4 (b) Yes 3 points
No 0 points

7 (a) 1 point 8 (a) 0 points 9 (a) 1 point
7 (b) 2 points 8 (b) 3 points 9 (b) 2 points
7 (c) 2 points 9 (c) 3 points
7 (d) 3 points 9 (d) 0-points
7 (e) 3 points
7 (f) 3 points
7 (g) 0 points

10 (a) Yes 3 points 11 (a) Yes 3 points 12 (a) Yes 2 points
No 0 points No 0 points No 0 points
10 (b) Yes 0 points 11(b) Yes 3 points 12 (b) Yes 2 points
No 3 points No 0 points No 0 points
11(c) Yes 2 points 12 (c) Yes 2 points
No 0 points No 0 points
12 (d) Yes 3 points
No 0 points
12 (e) Yes 3 points
No 0 points
12 (f) Yes 3 points
Score Total _________ No 0 points

What your Score Means

0 - 20 points - Congratulations! Your feet and ankles are in good health and you can maintain your active lifestyle. With proper care and wearing proper footwear, you will help your feet stay this way!

21 - 40 points - Pay Attention! You are already in the moderate risk category. Although you can carry on with activities, you should take precautions to safeguard your foot and ankle health. It is highly recommended that you wear proper footwear.

41 points or higher - Caution! Your feet and ankles are already experiencing medical problems and you may need to visit a health professional. You need to pay particular attention to your feet and your footwear.
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Written By: SikaFootwear.com
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